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Eén (Dutch for one) is the flagship TV channel of VRT, the Dutch-language public broadcaster of Belgium. It was known as TV1 from1997 until 2005, when it adopted its current name; from 2005 to 2019 it was stylised in lowercase as één. (The lowercase word één contains two acute accents, but Eén, with E in uppercase, has only one.)

Unlike most other European public broadcasters, VRT does not have a uniform logo scheme or identity for its TV channels.



NIR-INR 1953.svg



BRT logo 1960 recreation by .Ethan Llamas.svg



BRT TV1 1978.svg




Brt tv1 1988.png


Brt tv1 1991.png



Logo BRT TV1 1995.png




TV1 Belgium.svg
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Times New Roman ("1" text)
Franklin Gothic (on-screen typeface)

In September 1997, TV1 got a new look designed by Lambie-Nairn (also designed the Canvas and Ketnet's logos). The new logo was a sun, "a universal symbol of warmth capable of a variety of entertaining executions".


IMG 20190826 195558.jpg
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On September 1, 2001, TV1 was rebranded, and the numeral had a small change, but the sun was kept. It also had seasonal idents for autumn, winter, spring and summer. In March 2002, the graphics went widescreen. This logo was used until January 20, 2005.



Één logo.svg
Designer:  BBC Broadcast (2005-2007 look)
In-house (2007-2009 look)
Typography:  Twentieth Century (on-screen typeface)

On 21 January 2005, TV1 was rebranded and became "één". The new look was created by BBC Broadcast.[1]

A new look was introduced on New Year's Day 2007. This look was developed in-house at VRT.[2][3]

In the spring of 2009, Eén HD was launched. It made test transmissions one year earlier with the Tour de France and 2008 Olympic Games.


Één logo 2009.png
Designer:  Gédéon
Typography:  Unknown ("één" text)
Interstate (on-screen typeface; similar to RBB (Germany)

The circles were abandoned on 2 February 2009, when a new logo and design was unveiled. The new-look focuses on the logo, which is now a glowing white sphere. The French bureau Gédéon was behind the new design.[4][5][6]


Één logo 2015.svg
Designer:  Why Not Associates
Typography:  Handwrite ("één" text)
Bariol (on-screen typeface)

VRT rebranded its three TV channels—Eén, Canvas and Ketnet—on 31 August 2015 with different looks for each. Eén got a new logo, graphics package and slogan (Bij Eén zit je goed; This One’s so good). The Bariol font is used in on-screen typography.[7][8] Along with Canvas, Eén's new logo and graphics were designed by Why Not Associates.


Eén 2019.svg

Designer:  Hello Charlie
Typography:  Proxima Nova (on-screen typeface)

A new logo and graphics package was introduced on 2 September 2019, almost exactly four years after the previous rebrand. For the first time since 2005, the numeral 1 is used in the logo instead of an één wordmark. The new look was designed by Hello Charlie.[9] [10] [11] The Bariol font used previously was replaced by the popular Proxima Nova font (which was also used by Het Journaal from 2016 until 2018).


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