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eNCA, known as the eNews Channel from 2008 to 2012, is the first 24-hour English news channel in South Africa and a sister channel to e.tv, the country’s first and only privately-owned free-to-air TV channel.

eNews Channel


ENews Channel-0.jpg



ENCA 2012.jpg

eNews Channel was renamed to eNCA on 19 August 2012 and introduced a new logo with triangles making up a shape of the African continent. The two red triangles at the bottom of the logo represent the channel’s South African origins.


ENCA 2015.jpg

The logo was simplified, and the triangles were removed. The font of the text ‘NCA’ was changed to Gotham.


ENCA 2018.jpg

On 18 July 2018, a few weeks after eNCA’s tenth anniversary, the African silhouette was removed.

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