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El Chavo is a famous mexican TV series made by Televisa in 1972. It is a sitcom that narrates the history of an abandoned 8-year old boy nicknamed "El Chavo", who lives in a neighborhood. It is really famous in Latin America and Brazil, with many episodes and sketches produced until 1992, and being internationally broadcast until July 2020, when Televisa stopped broadcasting it.

El Chavo del Ocho

1972–1973 (sketch of Chespirito's first phase), 1973–1975 (as an independent series)

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Designer:  Unknown
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El Chavo was originally named "El Chavo del Ocho", because it was broadcast on Channel 8 (current Nu9ve). However, in 1973, El Chavo del Ocho became independent from the Chespirito program (the same with El Chapulín Colorado) and it was moved to Las Estrellas (Channel 2), although the name was retained (since it was already popular) and the famous excuse of El Chavo living on Apartment 8 was created.

El Chavo


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Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Baby Teeth Ajar
Launched:  Unknown

In 1975, the word "Del Ocho" was dropped. In January 7, 1980, El Chavo broadcasted its final independent episode, called La Lavadora. A week later, the Chespirito program was reactivated and El Chavo became a sketch of that program.

1980–1992 (sketch of Chespirito's second phase)




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During the Chespirito program era, the various sketches were represented by cartoon-ish illustrations. El Chavo is one of those cases. The final of these cartoons, used since 1982, was animated using classic animation principals. El Chavo ended its entire production on June 12th 1992, with his final sketch being a class about English.

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