Emirates Airline, usually called simply Emirates (Arabic: al-Imarat), is the national airline of Dubai (one of seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates) and the largest airline in the Middle East. The airline operates a global network from its hub at Dubai International Airport to all six inhabited continents. However, Emirates Airline is not the flag carrier of the UAE as a whole; this title is held by Etihad Airways, the airline of Abu Dhabi.


Emirates 1985

Emirates was launched in 1985. Its original livery and identity was created by British firm Negus & Negus. The logo consists of Emirates written in Arabic calligraphy and in English beneath. The livery consisted of a white fuselage along with the Emirati flag across the tail of the aircraft. This livery design is used to the present day.



In November 1999, Emirates Airline introduced a refreshed logo and bespoke corporate typeface.

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