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1993–2001 2001–2003 2003–2004 2004–2010

Endemol Southern Star (also known as Southern Star Endemol until 2004) was an Australian television production company made up of a joint venture between Australian production company Southern Star Group and its Dutch production company Endemol.

Southern Star Concept



Prior to 2001, Endemol Southern Star was originally called Southern Star Concept.

Southern Star Endemol



As Endemol began its venture with the Southern Star Group, Southern Star Endemol was created in 2000 but they did not start using a logo until 2001. The first logo was known as the Earth and the flying star. Underneath the symbol is "SOUTHERN STAR ENDEMOL", written in a Gill Sans font.



On 27 April 2003 to coincide with the premiere of BB3AU, the new logo was introduced. In doing so, this logo places both Southern Star and Endemol logos side by side but the "southern star" text is written in lowercase letters, to slightly match Endemol's.

Endemol Southern Star



On 23 February 2004, less than a year after using the amalgam of both of its logos, Southern Star Endemol changed its name to Endemol Southern Star with the logos (and names) switching their places. In 2010, the joint company disappeared for good after Endemol bought Southern Star from Fairfax in January 2009. Following this, all productions commonly produced by ESS were credited to Southern Star.


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