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Eser (Hebrew for ten) was a commercial TV channel in Israel. Launched in 2002 as Arutz Eser (Channel Ten), it rebranded to Eser on 1 November 2017 and moved to channel 14, to coincide with the launch of competitors Keshet 12 and Reshet 13, which replaced Channel 2.

Eser merged with Reshet 13 on 15 January 2019 and ceased broadcasting. Eser’s news division, Eser Hadashot, was absorbed by Reshet.

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On 1 November 2017 the name was changed from Arutz Eser to Eser, meaning ten; despite this, its channel number on TV broadcast platforms moved from the traditional 10 to 14. This was to coincide with the split of Channel 2 into Keshet 12 and Reshet 13, which took place on the same day. All three channels launched their HD feeds simultaneously.[1]

The motion graphics consisted of revolving circular rings. They were designed by the Tel Aviv–based agency ST/AF. A similar motion concept was implemented by MTV Uutiset, the news division of Finland’s MTV Oy, when it rebranded in late 2018.

Eser Channel 10 Rebrand

Eser Channel 10 Rebrand

On 8 November 2018, Eser received approval to merge with Reshet 13.[2] As a result, Eser's news division was absorbed by Reshet. Reshet sold its stake in the Israeli News Company, which is now owned entirely by Keshet.

Eser closed down on the midnight of 16 January 2019. This meant that Israel once again has only two commercial free-to-air TV stations, Keshet 12 and Reshet 13.[3] This had been the case before 1 November 2017, except that they were now run separately by Keshet and Reshet, rather than the Keshet–Reshet combine that managed Channel 2 (Arutz Shtaim) and a different company, RGE Group, that managed Eser.


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