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FOROtv is a television channel owned by Televisa located in Mexico City. Founded on August 31, 1950, and began broadcasting the next day. It's the first and the oldest TV Channel in Mexico and Latin America, as an XHTV (VHF Channel 4) signal founded by Rómulo O'Farril and Guillermo Ochoa Millán. A successor of the prototype TV station "XE1GC" in 1946 by Guillermo González Camarena, XHTV broadcasted as a normal programing for 60 years, and since 2010 it became a news TV channel.

XHTV (Canal 4)



The first Spanish-speaking television channel was introduced with a structure as letters "XHTV" (meaning XH Televisión), and below the letters, it showed as "CANAL 4".


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XHTV4 (1968).svg

The logo was introduced as a black square with a number four, and below it, the word "CANAL" was on the left.


XHTV4 (1970).svg

The number four became thinner, and through the diagonal line had a word "Canal", and the and the call sign "XHTV" appeared vertically next to the number four.


XHTV4 (1972).svg

The Channel 4 logo consisted of a circle, a Triangle and a Rectangle that formed the number "4", and the call sign "XHTV" appeared below it.


XHTV4 1973.svg

The 1973 logo was formed by 4 abstract people of different sizes (representing the family), forming the number four.

XHTV4 1973 T.svg

When Televisa was founded on January 8, The logo was located inside the sun of the company's logo like its sister channels.


XHTV4 (1976).svg

The logo was introduced as a number "4" formed by a parallelogram and a rectangle, and between of them there was the word "CANAL" in italic.


XHTV4 (1978).svg

The logo was a number 4 appears in the circle with delineated design sliced in twain.


XHTV4 (1981).svg

Its logo maintained the shape of the number 4 but to the left of it appeared a 4-pointed star; its identification phrase in that period was "El Canal con Estrella". This slogan remained until Canal 2 (Mexico) began to be named known as "El Canal de las Estrellas" (in 1985) to avoid confusion between the two Televisa channels.


The number four was similar to that of the 1976 emblem, but the significant change it had was that it was formed by a single shape. The number became similar to NBC (New York) at the time, but united in a single line.


XHTV4 1984.svg

By 1984, the number became a three-dimensional, which faces upwards.


XHTV4 (1986).svg

At the end of 1986, the logo is maintained only that now it appears two-dimensional and with the round edges, its motto was "Viva el 4", campaign created by Alejandro García and Gabriel Van Rankin (Televisa executives), supported by the use of digital multilayer in their identifications, which were created by Alejandro García and directed by Pablo Jato.


XHTV4 (1987).svg

In September 1987, using the same form as the number 4, only that it appeared rounded inside the TV set whose antennae showed a band similar to cardiac pulses.


XHTV4 (1988).svg

On October 8, 1988, the 1985 emblem was retaken with some changes, which appeared as the background of a broken tri-dimensional rectangle, with the callsign on the left which appeared vertically, and the slogan "Tu Propio Espacio" was on the bottom. This logo lasted until June 5, 1989.

June–August 1989

XHTV4 (1989-J).svg

Temporarily, the number "4" brought back in 1984 with an outlined rounded rectangle, the callsign was on previous to the number underneath, and the slogan was still as the previous font.


XHTV4 (1989-Sep).svg

Later that year, the rectangle was appeared only on the number four inside, the callsign was bellow between the two lines, and the font of the slogan was changed into a Microgramma font.


XHTV4 (1990).svg

In October 1990, the form of the number "4" was reused as the 1976 logo, but it appeared in a single figure, while the callsign appeared in 2 different typefaces: the "XH" in Helvetica and the "TV" in a more informal. The motto of "Tu Propio Espacio" was still used until January 6, 1991. From January 7, "Tu Imagen" would be used as the motto.


XHTV4 (1991).svg

The logo changes radically, adopting the trend of the Televisa channel logos using metallic shades (in gold and silver). The Logo was 4 lines in vertical of the same form and 4 in horizontal one longer than the previous one and a whole diagonal line that joined the first lines. Its motto was "Ver...Para Saber"


XHTV4 (1993).svg

The logo undergoes a radical transformation, only using the number 4 in a Helvetica Black typeface. Its slogan was "Siempre pasa algo bueno."


XHTV4 (1994).svg

The number 4 was in a Times typeface, being surrounded by an incomplete circular band, which had a black dial with the call sign XHTV in lowercase.


XHTV4 (1995).svg

Like Canal 9, the channel is identified by its call sign "XHTV" on November. As a logo, it had a black dial where the call sign "XHTV" as the 1994 logo.

Central 4


XHTV4 (1997).svg

With the new name, it has three variants in a single logo. Basically, in the black rectangle was the name "CENTRAL" in white, as the number 4 appeared in italics in the blue shape. Its motto was a another name of the channel, "Diversión TV" in lowercase.


XHTV4 (2000).svg

The 2000 logo was a 3D cube in gray tones; on the faces of it appeared the letter "C", the number 4, the word "TV", a wave, and on one side four dots and another four lines.



XHTV4 (2001).svg

With another name, The 2001 logo consisted of the number 4, orange and the letters "TV", green. The emblem had these colors, although in some identifications it appeared in gray tones.


4tv mx.svg

For seven years, the logo was quadratically shaped, formed by a square with the large black number 4, two light blue triangles that appear in the upper left corner, two rectangles, a vertical yellow one that appears in the corner upper right and another horizontal green that appears in the lower left corner; and a red square in the lower right corner; between the yellow rectangle a red square and above the red square the word "TV" appears in white. First, it was a two-dimensional variant with a motto "El Canal de la Ciudad". In 2008, the logo became a three-dimensional, with the square in a round shape and the number four slightly above the colored figures. And by the HD version, the four colors became divided into patterns to white.


On August 30, 2010, the channel was changed entirely as a successor of ECO with its local channels of the Televisa Regional network to broadcast certain news programs.


XH Foro TV 2010.svg

With a current name, the logo consists of a blue circle with an "F" and below the logo the name of the channel FOROtv in Franklin Gothic Demi font. At first, the F symbol became as a blue sphere with reflections. Then in 2012, the logo was enhanced with gloss.


ForoTV 2015.svg

And by the 2015 logo, the F symbol became a circular logo with two blue patterns.


Foro TV 2016.svg

By August 22, 2016, FOROtv revealed a new logo. The circle "F" was replaced by the turquoise blue circle with the exception of the lower-left vertex inside the text "FORO" in uppercase, and to the right "tv" in lowercase with the Helvetica Black font. Sometimes, it uses an alternate logo "FORO" in uppercase and to the right "tv" in lowercase within the turquoise blue circle, except the lower-left vertex.


Foro TV 2020.svg

In January 2020, the color changed to red.