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1994–1997 1997–2007 2007–2013 2013–present
1994–1997 1997–2007 2007–2013 2013–present

FX is an American pay television channel owned by the Walt Disney Television division of The Walt Disney Company. Originally launched on June 1, 1994, the network's original programming aspires to the standards of premium cable channels in regard to mature themes and content, high-quality writing, directing and acting.

It was formerly had a tie-up with Fox television network until March 20, 2019, when Disney acquired most of 21st Century Fox's assets including FX. Its other networks including FXX and FXM.



FX (1994).svg

FX was first launched in 1994 as fX. The "f" in the channel's name and logo was rendered in lower-case to portray a type of relaxed friendliness; the stylized "X" represented the channel's roots: the crossing searchlights of the 20th Century Fox logo.



FX (1997).svg
Designer:  Pittard Sullivan
Typography:  Unknown

In early 1997, fX was relaunched as "FX", refocusing the channel's target audience towards men aged 18 to 49. This logo was designed by Pittard Sullivan. This version of the logo with the searchlights was still used for FX Productions until it became FXP in 2016 (three years after the 2013 logo was introduced).


FX (2007).svg

On December 18, 2007, the channel's logo was updated, retaining only the FX wordmark while removing the klieg light logo box that had been placed to its left since the 1997 rebrand.



On April 3, 2013, FX adopted a new logo, connecting the two letters to each other to complement its sister networks, FXX and FXM. It was used earlier by its International counterpart in 2011.

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