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FX (1994) FX (1997) FX (2007) FX
1994–1997 1997–2007 2007–2013 2013–present


FX (1994)

FX was first launched in 1994 as fX. The "f" in the channel's name and logo was rendered in lower-case to portray a type of relaxed friendliness; the stylized "X" represented the channel's roots: the crossing searchlights of the 20th Century Fox logo.


FX (1997)

In early 1997, fX was relaunched as "FX", refocusing the channel's target audience towards men aged 18 to 49. This logo was designed by Pittard Sullivan.


FX (2007)

On December 18, 2007, the channel's logo was updated, retaining only the FX wordmark while removing the klieg light logo box that had been placed to its left since the 1997 rebrand.



On April 3, 2013, FX adopted a newer logo, connecting the two letters to each other to compliment newer logos for FXX and FXM.

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