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2004–2005 2005–2015 2015–2020 2019–2023 2023–present



Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Tahoma Bold
Launched:  February 4, 2004

On February 4, 2004, Facebook was launched by Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes. The social networking website was then known originally as Thefacebook (stylized as [thefacebook]). Cofounder Mark Zuckerberg made the logo blue because he is color-blind.



Facebook 2005
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Klavika Bold (modified)
Launched:  August 23, 2005

Thefacebook was renamed under its current name on August 23, 2005, after Zuckerberg met with Napster cofounder, Sean Parker, with a logo set in the Klavika font. This logo is still used on the loading page, some ads and some subscriptions.



Facebook 2015
Designer:  In-house
Eric Olson
Typography:  Custom type
Launched:  July 1, 2015

A slightly different logo with a newer typeface was introduced on July 1, 2015. Despite a new logo for mobile apps being unveiled in 2019, this one was still used on the main website until it was changed on June 1, 2020.


Facebook 2019
Designer:  In-house
Typography:  Custom type
Launched:  April 30, 2019

On April 30, 2019, Facebook modified the 2015 logo and revealed a new icon. The logo was inverted, removing the background, and the typeface is now in a brighter shade of blue. When it debuted, it was only seen on mobile apps beginning in September 2019, but it started to be used on the main website on June 1, 2020.


Facebook 2023
Designer:  In-house
Typography:  Facebook Sans (modified)
Launched:  September 20, 2023

This logo was initially used in the Alpha version of Facebook for Android and eventually was introduced on the main website on September 20, 2023. It uses Facebook's own typeface known as "Facebook Sans".

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