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Falabella 18.. Falabella 1950s Falabella logo 70s Falabella 1992 Falabella 1999 Falabella 2002 Falabella 2007
1889–1952 1952–1967 1967–1992 1992–1999 1999–2002 2002–2007 2007–present

Falabella is the department store brand of the group of the same name, one of the most important in South America and the oldest in that region.

Sastrería Hnos. Falabella


Falabella 18..

The first logo of the store was implemented in its foundation in 1889. The logo consisted of the word "FALABELLA" in serif letters and separated, to the right, the word "HNOS" with a dash under the last three letters and above, the name "Sastrería" in handwritten typography.



Falabella 1950s
In 1952 (although before it was used in the first Falabella tailoring) a new image is launched, consisting of the word "Falabella" in handwritten typography.

In addition, the name of Sastrería Hermanos Falabella was renamed only as Falabella.


Falabella logo 70s
In 1967 a new logo was made, which would last until the 90s. This were the letters "Falabella" in an extravagant green manuscript.

This was the logo with which the CMR card debuted.



Falabella 1992
In 1992, two years after the return of democracy to Chile, the country of origin of the brand, a new wordmark was launched, which stops using an uppercase "F" in the name to write entirely in lowercase letters, plus the typography leaves of being handwritten and green to return to black and in a Bodoni Bold typeface in italics.


Falabella 1999
In 1999, a year near the new millennium, the logo was slightly re-modified, with a slightly adjusted typeface and the "f" maintained an appearance similar to the brand icon.



Falabella 2002
On January 18, 2002, Falabella made a great change in its iconic wordmark to adjust to the modernity of the new millennium, modifying its typography to a Ghandi Sans-like font in italics and marking the return of the green color as the brand's corporate color and the addition of a period at the end of the wordmark.


Falabella 2007
In 2007, it is slightly modified to its current form, changing its color to a green yellow.

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