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Fanta logo 1941 Fanta logo 1962 Fanta logo 70s Fanta 80 Logo Fanta (1995-1997) Fanta logo old Fanta 1997
1940–1962 1962–1970 1970–1980 1980–1995 1995–1997 1997–2009 1997–2005
Fanta 2001 Fanta logo 2004 Fanta logo FANTA 2009 Fanta logo global Fanta logo1 Fanta logo 2017 (Японія)
2001–2006 (USA) 2004–2009 2008–2016, 2008–present (the United States, Middle East etc.) 2008-2010 2010–2016, 2008–present (the United States, Middle East etc.) 2016–present (International) 2017-present (Japan)


Fanta logo 1941

Fanta was first introduced in Nazi Germany in 1940. The soda was created due to a lack of ingredients for Coca-Cola in Nazi Germany.


Fanta logo 1962

1970–1980, 2020

Fanta logo 70s

Currently being used on the 10.5 fl oz cans of Fanta.



Fanta 80 Logo


Fanta (1995-1997)

In 1995, the triple orange dot and green leaf was changed into orange and green leaves.


Fanta logo old


Fanta (1997)

In 1997, Fanta modified its logo and the font was changed. In 2000, the white background on the cans and bottles was changed to the colour background that matches each flavour. the logo is still used for the mexican version in the US

2000–2004 (USA)

Fanta 2001


Fanta logo 2004

In 2004, the Fanta logo was jazzed up.

2008–2016, 2008–present (the United States, Middle East etc.)

Fanta logo


FANTA 2009

In 2008, Coca-Cola unveiled this Fanta logo

2010–2016, 2010–present (the United States, Middle East etc.)

Fanta logo global

As of 2017, this logo is still used in the United States, the Middle East and some other countries.

2016–present (International)

Fanta logo1

This logo was introduced in 2016 in parts of Europe. In 2017, the logo was rolled to other parts of the world.

2017–present (Japan)

Fanta logo 2017 (Японія)

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