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1899–1901 1901–1903 1903–1908 1908–1921 1921–1925 1925–1929 1929–1931
1899–1901 1901–1903 1903–1908 1908–1921 1921–1925 1925–1929 1929–1931
1931 1931–1932 1932–1938 1938–1949 1949–1959 1959 1959–1968
1931 1931–1932 1932–1938 1938–1949 1949–1959 1959 1959–1968
1965–1982 1968–1972 1972–2003 1982–1991 1991–1999 1999–2003 1999–2006
1965–1982 1968–1972 1972–2003 1982–1991 1991–1999 1999–2003 1999–2006
2001–2006 2003–2006 2006–present 2016–2020 (Latin America) 2020–present
2001–2006 2003–2006 2006–present 2016–2020 (Latin America) 2020–present


Fiat 1899.svg

Founded in Turin on July 11, 1899, by Giovanni Agnelli, this automobile brand was established as "Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino" abbreviated as "FIAT".


Fiat 1901.svg


Fiat 1903.svg

The FIAT abbreviation becomes more prominent, but the full name remains.


Fiat 1908.svg

The badge becomes a coated oval shape, and the full name is removed. Since then, the brand is only known as "Fiat".


Fiat 1921.svg

The logo evolved into a circle decorated with laurel leaves, with the brand name written in red in the center.


Fiat 1925.svg

In 1925, the background color was changed to dark blue and the small decorations positioned above and below the logo have changed gold, like the circle around the logo. It remained so until 1929.


Fiat 1929.svg

In 1929, the small decorations placed above and below the letters of the previous logo were removed, the background color changed to a slightly lighter blue and the letters and wreath became silver. These changes made the brand have a smoother design.


Fiat 1931.svg

In 1923, the background color was changed to red. Since then, Fiat has mostly used red in its logos, to express the idea of ​​modernity, technology, dynamism and design of the brand.



Fiat 1931-2.svg

To modernize its image, FIAT set aside the circles, creating a rectangular logo with red as the background color, a chrome border and long letters.


Fiat 1932.svg

The corners were modified so they were no longer softened.


Fiat 1938.svg

In 1938, they modified the logo so that it resembled a shield, to give the idea of ​​strength and security.


Fiat 1949.svg

This time the logo was improved again in the form of a shield and in the letters that became wider, again to give a new image to the brand.


Fiat 1959.svg

The shape of the shield was rounded, the outline of the logo thickened giving more the idea of ​​brightness, and the letters were also straighter.


Fiat 1959-2.svg

The logo remained rectangular, but it was even more rounded and its letters became even thinner. This was the last of this "series" of Fiat rectangular logos, used until 1968.


Fiat 1965.svg

This logo was a kind of continuation of the "series" of round logos of the decade between 1921 and 1931 since it is very similar to the last one, that of 1931. Now with a more showy design to give a certain idea of ​​being retro, but also innovative. This logo was used in tandem with the 1959 logo for three years.



Fiat 1968.svg

In 1968, Fiat decided to give a new era to its design, thus creating this new logo where the letters of the brand name appear inside four equal black parallelograms, with a metallic border.


Fiat 1972.svg

In 1972, Fiat changed its logo giving it blue as its new color, and removing the metallic border. However, the metallic separation between each parallelogram remained (only on the car badge) until 1991.


Fiat 1982.svg

As was already the custom for this brand, they created a new logo to renew their image. These five tracks represent the same tracks that separate the letters from the 1972 logo. This logo was used in conjunction with the previous one, but only as the front badge. The previous logo remained behind the cars, but this became the badge that stood out the most in FIAT cars of the 1980s. The previous logo continued to be used at the front, but this time it was positioned above one of the headlights.


Fiat 1991.svg

In 1991 the logo was redesigned, now adding a blue background, to make it look even more similar to the 1972 logo than the previous one. As for the 1972 logo, it was removed from the front of the cars but remained behind until 2003.


Fiat 1999.svg

This is a 3D version of the 1972 logo used in advertisements and in the cars themselves. The 1972 logo was still in use but as a flat version. From 1999, the metallic bars that separated the parallelograms of this logo disappeared, giving a lighter aspect.


Fiat logo 2000.png
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The "series" of round logos returned to celebrate FIAT's 100th anniversary. This looks like the 1929 variant, but the major differences are the thin horizontal lines above and below the name being removed, and the laurel leaves weren't so thick anymore. In the beginning, it was used only in front of their cars until 2002, when it was used in the entire car. Its blue color is to remember the colors of their vintage logos.


Fiat 2001.svg


Fiat 2003.png
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This 2003 logo was used internationally only as a wordmark in advertisements.


Fiat 2006.svg

In 2006, a new logo was designed, more intellectual inspired by the classic logos, and again with the red that shows modernity, good technology and dynamism in the design of the brand. This looks like a "round" version of the 1959 rectangular logo. On October 12, 2014, Fiat, together with Chrysler and other Italian and American automobile brands, formed the FCA group.

2016–2020 (Latin America)

Fiat 2016.svg

In Latin America, Fiat started to use just the wordmark, extracted from the shield similar to the 2003 logo, as a rear badge and on advertising.


Fiat 2020.svg
Designer:  Ana Couto Branding[1]
Typography:  Custom type
Launched:  June 26th, 2020

After the reveal of their new 500 EV city car in March 2020, Fiat has started using a slightly redesigned version of the wordmark with the letters being straightened out. However, the logo rebrand was fully launched in June, in Latin America. In Europe, it's being applied for now as a car badge, once the 2006 logo is still being used on advertising and on some car models.

In 2020, the merger of PSA and FCA was announced, forming the Stellantis group, where Fiat and other brands entered in 2021.


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