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Fianciera Oh! 2009 Financiera Oh! 2015
2009-2015 2015-present

Financiera Uno S.A., known since 2015 as Fianaciera Oh!, is a financial entity that controls the credit card Oh! through Tiendas Peruanas S.A. (Oechsle), two of the supermarkets of Supermercados Peruanos S.A. (Plaza Vea and Economax), Peruvian Homecenters .S.A (Promart) among many other entities.

Financiera Uno


Fianciera Oh! 2009
In 2009, with the re-launch of Oechsle, this financial company was launched.

In this logo, the name of the entity is shown in gray and red and a line separating both words.

Financiera Oh!


Financiera Oh! 2015
In 2015, it is renamed "Financiera Oh !, filling in the name of Financiera Uno as a corporate name.

The logo is the word "Financera" in gray in Regular Bree typography on the right, the logo of the Oh! (without the word "card") and with this being replaced by three squares of light blue, gray and red.

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