This page is about Findus in much of Europe. For Findus in other countries, see Findus (Italy) and Findus (Switzerland).


Findus logo 60s Findus logo 1971 Findus logo 80s Findus logo Findus logo 2011
1950's–1971 1971–1987 1987–2001 2001–2011 2011–present


Findus logo 60s


Findus logo 1971

The first version of the "Findus flag" was introduced in 1971.



Findus logo 80s

In 1987, the logo was modernised and the font was changed from an all-caps one.


Findus logo

Around the turn of the century, a red plate, or ribbon, became a permanent part of the logo.


Findus logo 2011

In January 2011, Findus announced that they were updating the logo. The new logo builds one the old one, but is softer and allows more flexible usage. The red ribbon, which used to be a part of the package design, was removed and replaced by a "plate" behind the flag. It also has a brighter red colour with a hint of yellow. The final logo was created by Pond Innovation & Design.

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