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Ford 1903 Ford 1907 Ford 1909 Ford 1911 Ford 1912 Ford 1917 Ford 1927
1903–1907 1907–1909 1909–1911 1911–1912 1912–1917 1917–1927 1927–1957
Ford 1957 Ford 1961 Ford Ford (1976) Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company Logo
1957–1961 1961–1965 1965–present 1976–2003 2000–2003 (corporate) 2003–2017


Ford 1903


Ford 1907


Ford 1909


Ford 1911

In this and subsequent versions, the writing of "Ford" appears to be influenced by Henry Ford's own signature.


Ford 1912



Ford 1917

First use of an oval.


Ford 1927

From the mid-1930s onward, use of this logo on the cars themselves was first deemphasized and then dropped entirely. A completely different "crest" logo appeared with the 1949 models.


Ford 1957


Ford 1961



Ford's main logo design was reimagined in 1965, the badge is now shaped like an oval with a white outline inside (resembling the 1927 logo) and the "Ford" script's typeface became smoother. As today, it remains as the most recognizable and longest-lived logo of the brand with a lifespan of 55 years. From 1976 this logo was simply used as an alternate variation in tandem with the next two logos below, it wouldn't be until 2017 that Ford decided to bring it back as the primary logo of the company.


Ford (1976)

The blue oval badge began to replace a block-letter "FORD" wordmark as the primary logo on cars themselves beginning with the 1976 international and 1976 North American models.

2000–2003 (corporate logo)

Ford Motor Company


Ford Motor Company Logo

For the 100th anniversary celebration of the company in 2003, the blue oval badge had a major refresh.
This new design made by the agency Pantone removed the chrome border that surrounded the oval and the metallic texture was replaced with a blue gradient, which gives the impression of a more modern and
three-dimensional logo. Ford retired this logo in 2017, in favor of re-using the flat design from 1965.

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