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===1993–1996 (Latin America only)===
[[File:FOX 93.png|center|250px]]
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===1996–1998 (Latin America only)===
[[File:FOX 96-0.png|center|250px]]
A multicolor variant of the first logo was introduced on February 14, 1996, used in tandem with the previous one.
===1998–2000 (Latin America only)===
[[File:Fox (1996).svg|center|250px]]
In 1998, Fox Latin America starts using the wordmark of the [[Fox|original channel]], albeit using the 1996 design.
===2000–2018 (Latin America); 2000–present (International)===
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Fox (Blue).svg
Fox (Blue).svg
FOX International.svg
FOX International.svg
==Fox Channel (Latin America)==
=== 2018–present ===
{{21st Century Fox}}
{{21st Century Fox}}

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