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When Showtime Movie Channels and Movie Network Channels were replaced with Foxtel Movies, Showcase was restructured as a channel for new TV series. They took on the tagline 'The Home of HBO', a claim bolstered by being Australia's rights-holder for Game of Thrones during its run.


Showcase Foxtel logo.svg

In September 2016, Showcase replaced their Showtime-era branding with a clean logotype set in Helvetica, severing their final links to the defunct parent network. This change also comes on the eve of sister channel SoHo being replaced by Binge.. Showcase inherited a large portion of SoHo's lineup, including SoHo's original productions Wentworth and A Place to Call Home.

Fox Showcase


Fox Showcase 2018.svg

On the 26th September 2018, Showcase underwent a major rebranding including a renaming to Fox Showcase.


FoxShowcase 2019.svg

On the 10th October 2019, Fox Showcase refreshed their logo in advance of Foxtel's coming channel restructuring in November.

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