White text with a purple back and a blue border, each letter tilted at a different angle, floats in front of a tall spout with a piece of fruit at the top. The snack debuted simply under the name 'Gushers'.


Compared to 1991's logo, the 'G' in 'GUSHERS' is now a tad bigger than the rest of the letters. Additionally, the tilted white letters now sit atop a wider fruity water spout.
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In the first logo to bear the full 'FRUIT GUSHERS' name, the bold, white letters of 'GUSHERS' ride a fruity water spout, tilted at mild angles with a unified border color. The curve of the 'G' reaches up higher than the other letters in the word. In smaller text, 'FRUIT' sits snugly atop the 'USH'.


A water spout holds aloft a blue trapezoid, rounded at the top. In front of the shape, bold, white letters spell out 'FRUIT GUSHERS' in a soft curve. The letters' black shadows face the bottom-left.


2003–2009 (US), 2003–present (Canada)

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2009–present (US)

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The wild, white, twisting letters of 2009's Fruit Gushers logo are more solidly colored and given thicker blue borders. 'FRUIT' gets a new font that is less aligned with the curvature of 'Gushers'.