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Fuji TV Channel 8 Logo Fuji TV Logo
1957-1986 1986-present

Fuji Television Network, Inc. (also known as Fuji Television) is a Japanese free-to-air television channel assigned as JOCX-DTV central signal placed in Odaiba, Minato, Tokyo. It was owned by Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. and Fujisankei Communications Group. It was founded on November 18, 1957 as a Japanese television network.


Fuji TV Channel 8 Logo

Fuji Television was founded as a TV station of Tokyo on November 18, 1948, and began broadcasting on March 1, 1959 as JOCX-TV. The logo consisted with a number eight as a two gathered eye shape, and its wordmark was written as Japanese name.


Fuji TV Logo

In April 1986, the abstract 8-numeral logo was put to bed after 27 years since 1959, and a new logo was introduced though it consists of a stylized eye with a red circle. With this New logo, the station decided to borrow Fujisankei Communications Group's logo and font.

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