1942-1960 1960–1963 1964–1985 1985–1991 1991–1998 1998–2003 2003–present
1942-1960 1960–1963 1964–1985 1985–1991 1991–1998 1998–2003 2003–present


GB Glace 40s.png
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Glace-Bolaget (GB) was founded in 1942 when a few ice cream manufacturers around Stockholm merged.

Ever since the 1940s, the company has used the letters "GB" with the word "Glace" written underneath in its logo. The logo above can be found on most promotion materials from GB during the 1940s and 1950s up until the early 1960s. The basic shape of the letters and the burst behind them was remarkably consistent for the times, although a few variants without the circle and in different colours existed.


GB Glass 1963.png
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In the mid-60s, GB's logo slowly evolved away from its 1940s design. At first the burst behind the letters was removed, the letters were modified, and they were put in a circle made up of triangles. Later on, a pattern of vertical lines was added. Finally, the font was changed. The logo pictured above is only one of several variants used in the 1960s.

The 1960s was a decade of consolidation in the Swedish ice cream market when several local dairy cooperatives merged their ice cream divisions into GB, making the brand available in the entire country.


GB Glace 1967.png
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By the end of the decade, the logo had settled on the above version. This logo would remain with only minor changes until 1998.

About the same time, the company also introduced the "GB clown" which would soon become the company's mascot.

In 1973, GB Glace merged with its primary competitor Trollhätteglass, and Unilever was brought in as part-owner. GB Glace have dominated the ice cream market ever since. The merger didn't bring any major changes in GB's identity.


GB Glace 1985.png
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In the mid-80s, three extra stripes were added. In 1985, the company was taken over by Unilever.


GB Glace 90s.svg

GB Glace had their logo updated in the early 1990s. All elements remained, but the circle was turned into an oval and the font was changed to a more modern one.

Although the company had been marketed as GB Glace since the 1940s, the legal name had remained Glace-Bolaget this was changed in 1991.


GB Glace 1998.svg

In 1998, all ice cream companies owned by Unilever got a new logo consisting of a stylised heart with the company name written with a script font. The GB clown was also redesigned to suit the new logo.


GB Glace 2003.svg

In 2003, GB Glace introduced a refreshed identity along with the other Unilever ice cream companies.