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1979-1983 1983-1995 1986-1995 1995–2001 2001–2011 2011–present
1979-1983 1983-1995 1986-1995 1995–2001 2001–2011 2011–present

Golden West Network



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In 1979, Jack Bendat purchased South West Telecasters (owner of BTW/GSW) and changed the company's name to Golden West Network (GWN).


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The Golden West Network became a network in 1983, with a shared logo produced and used across the regional stations, featuring the letters GWN inside an outlined oval. This logo was also used for the Golden West Network radio stations in regional Western Australia. On 31 October 1984, GWN applied to broadcast an additional service when the Broadcasting Tribunal called for applications to broadcast to Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. In June 1985, GWN was granted the licence and the service went to air on 18 October 1986 using the callsign WAW, which stood for Western Australia Western Australia. In December 1985, GWN continued its expansion through Western Australia with the purchase of Mid-Western Television (owner of VEW-8 Kalgoorlie).


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In March 1987, GWN purchased Geraldton Telecasters (owner of GTW-11 Geraldton). In 1990, both the BTW and GSW callsigns merged to become SSW, which stood for South West and Great Southern Western Australia. During the late 1980's, GWN was promoted as GWN Satellite Television and aired programs from the Nine Network plus a few from Seven and Ten along with a national news link provided by TVW-7.


GWN 1995-2001.PNG
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This logo was used across the network in 1995. The new logo was introduced with the removal of the outlined oval surrounding the letters GWN. In November 1996, Prime Television purchased GWN.


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Following this, 2001 saw the launch of a new simplified yellow logo, with the removal of the orbiting ring. This logo was launched concurrently with a similarly design logo on Prime Television.



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On 15 January 2011, both GWN and Prime were rebranded to GWN7 and Prime7.