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2003 (unused) 2003–2004 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2005-2006 (unused) 2007–2009 2009–2015 2015–2018

Games Explorer was a specialized folder used to show the games installed on the computer. This feature was officially introduced in Windows Vista.

Game Library[]

2003 (unused)[]

Windows XP folder

Technically this feature was introduced in Longhorn Build 4015, but it used a generic Windows XP folder icon and it wasn't functional until Build 4029.

Games Center[]

2003–2004 (unused)[]

Windows Longhorn, Build 4029[]

Game-center longhorn-4029

This feature was also referred as Game Library.

With the Longhorn Development Reset, Games Center would be scrapped.

Games Explorer[]

2005 (unused)[]

Windows Vista Beta, Build 5098[]

Games-explorer vista-5098

This build re-introduced the Games Center, now called Games Explorer.

2005-2006 (unused)[]

Windows Vista Beta, Build 5270[]

Games-explorer vista-5456


Windows Vista[]

Games win-vista


Windows 7, 8 and 8.1[]

Games-explorer win-7


Windows 10[]

Games win-10

This specialized folder was removed in Windows 10 v1803, also known as April 2018 Update, or Redstone 4.