Not to be confused with the former British company General Electric Company.

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1892–1899 1899–1909 1909–1969 1969–1987 1987–1998 1998–2024 2004–2024


General Electric (1892)

General Electric was originally established on April 15, 1892 through the merger of the Edison General Electric Company and the Thomson-Houston Electric Company.


General Electric 1899
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This design would continue to be used as the company's logo, albeit in several redesigned forms. The true designer of this logo is disputed, with different accounts claiming different origins. It has been attributed to Arthur L. Rich, an employee in the company’s catalog department, Sven Stalberg, a draftsman for the company, and Charles Kelley, an employee of Stalberg’s.



General Electric (1909)


General Electric (1969)

This logo was still used on some products beyond 1987.


General Electric (1987)


General Electric (1998)


General Electric (2005)

In July 2004, the GE logo underwent a color change to blue, coinciding with the debut of the Inspira font.

In 2021, General Electric announced plans to cease being a conglomerate and to split into three separate companies. GE HealthCare, which comprises their existing health care business, was spun off on January 4, 2023. GE Vernova, which comprises GE's energy business, was spun off on April 2, 2024. This left the company with their remaining division, GE Aerospace, which became the legal successor to the original General Electric Company.

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