Geocell is the second-largest mobile network operator in the Eurasian country of Georgia, after MagtiCom and ahead of Beeline. It was owned by Telia Company until 2018, when it completed selling all of its operations outside the Nordic and Baltic countries (except Moldcell).

A local company called Silknet, the telecommunications subsidiary of the Silk Road Group, is the owner of Geocell since March 2018.


Geocell old.jpg


Logo used for the LaiLai brand.




Geocell 2019.svg

As with Tcell in Tajikistan and Azercell in Azerbaijan, Geocell introduced a new logo in 2019 that keeps the purple colour of its predecessor. However, the new Geocell logo is only a wordmark, and does not have an icon, unlike Tcell or Azercell.

Logo in Georgian.

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