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1994–2004 2004–2008 2008–2010 2010 2010–2016 2016–present

Georgian Television and Radio


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Georgian Public Broadcaster


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On 23 December 2004, Georgian Television and Radio's status changed from a state company to a public company, as a result, it was renamed Georgian Public Broadcaster. At the same time, it introduced a new corporate logo that consists of the Georgian "სსმ" wordmark which is coloured green and are containing a white line inside it, as the word "სსმ" became very abstract and had the letter connected each other to get more cheesier.


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On 4 December 2008, the abstract green-coloured "სსმ" wordmark wasconfined to history in favour of a new logo that was three curves (representing parts of the სსმ abbreviation) that has two placing each other with the third curve is turned upside down. With it, the broadcaster's full name appears beside to the everyman-curves.


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On 1 January 2010, the everyman-curves were removed by leaving it with the "სსმ" wordmark is returning back to the corporate logo, thus the "სსმ" wordmark drops their abstract green elements and becomes pink coloured by having their normal typeface with that. Seriously, this logo is short-lived for 10 months.


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In October 2010, that same year, the purple "სსმ" wordmark disappeared without a trace in favour of a pink 10 by 3 rectangle that contains a picture of an antenna with the broadcaster's full name appear at the bottom along with the website domain. With it, the broadcaster' full name are also appearing to the right of the symbol.


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In October 2016, Georgian Public Broadcaster did away the rectangle and launched their current corporate logo which was a pink crystal that can be assembled in 3D-animated triangles. At the same time, all of Georgian Public Broadcaster's radio and television channels were rebranded with the broadcaster's new corporate logo along with the new programming.

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