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Welcome to Windows[]



Used in Windows 95 and NT 4.0.

With the release of Windows 95, an introductory program called Welcome to Windows was included. This program gave tips and information about the new features of Windows 95, such as the start button and start menu.

In other parts of Windows, this program was referred as Windows Welcome Program or WELCOME.EXE.


Windows Logo 1995

Used in Windows 98, 2000 and ME.

Since Windows 98, the program received a generic Windows logo icon.

Windows XP Tour[]


Tour XP

Used in Windows XP.

An animated tour was introduced in Windows XP, it served as a guide for the new features introduced in Windows XP and as a replacement of the original Welcome To Windows Program.

Welcome Center[]

2006 (unused)[]


Used in Windows Vista Beta Builds 5329-5477.

In Windows Vista Beta Build 5329, the Windows XP Tour would be replaced with a preliminary version of Welcome Center, a feature officially introduced in Windows Vista.

In this build the icon used is the same used for Computer in Windows Vista.

2006 (unused)[]

Windows (2006)

Used in Windows Vista Beta Builds 5477-5487.

In Windows Vista Build 5477 the Computer icon would be replaced with a generic Windows logo.

2006 (unused)[]


Used in Windows Vista Beta Builds 5487-RTM.

In Windows Vista Build 5487 a new icon for the Welcome Center would be created, this one is similar to the final icon, just with darker colors and a different style.


Welcome Center

Used in Windows Vista.

Welcome Center would be offically introduced in Windows Vista.

Getting Started[]

2007–2009 (unused)[]


Used in Windows 7 Beta Builds 6519-RTM.

Since Windows 7 Beta Build 6519, Welcome Center was renamed to Getting Started.


Get Started 2009

Used in Windows 7.

Getting Started would be removed in Windows 8. Help + Tips could count as a successor to this program.

Getting Started (Windows)
Help + Tips