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Global Televisión HD is the signal in high definition of Global Televisión, launched on June 1, 2010, three months after its sister channel ATV.

Red Global HD

August-november 2010

Global HD 2010 1
The first logo of the Global HD signal (then called Red Global) was the 3D variant of the 2007-2010 period logo and on the right, a pale blue metal border bar with the letters "HD" on bezels and below and also on the bar, the word "ALTA DEFINICIÓN".

Global Televisión HD (first era)

November 2010-2015

Global HD 2010 2
With the change of image and name to Global Televisión, the logo of the 2010-2015 period is added the same HD bar used by its sister channel ATV.



Global HD 2015
With the change of name to "Red TV", a red rounded line with the white letters "HD" is added to the logo of that time.

Global Televisión HD (second era)


Global HD 2019
With the return of Global Televisión, the name "Global" is omitted from the current logo and the letters "HD" in Century Gothic typography on the right side of the "G"..
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