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Globoplay is a brand made by Grupo Globo in 2000. Currently, the name is used for a streaming service launched in 2015, which is the second most downloaded streaming service on Brazil. It's very similar to that of Canais Globo (previous Globosat), and is a part of the Rede Globo holding.

Globo.com Vídeo


Globocomvideo 1999.png

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Globo Media Center


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Globo Vídeos


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With this renaming, the Globo.com video platform was also the Globo and Globosat's Video-on-demand service by means of a paid subscription: globo.tv+, in a first effort to contain the advance of Netflix, which had started in Brazil in 2011.

Globo Play


Globo Play logo (2).svg

Unlike the previous initiative, this rebranding had a wide publicity in his debut, and, despite being exclusively for Rede Globo shows, it soon became a major player in the market for streaming services in Brazil.

Some changes were done to increase its competitivity, such as free live Rede Globo broadcasting in some areas; and variety, news and sports full shows for free, keeping telenovelas, series and reality shows exclusively to subscribers. Besides that, some telenovelas had a spin-off miniseries, and some series were broadcasted on Globo Play months - and, sometimes, one year - before Rede Globo.



Globoplay2018 wordmark.svg

In order to strengthen its service, due to the increase in the number of competitors in Brazil (like Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go and PlayPlus), Globoplay started to add Globosat shows gradually in its catalog, to acquire films and exclusive foreign productions; and began producing and launch its original productions. Curiously, the rebrand project was provisionally titled Globoflix, alluding to Netflix.

The renaming to Globoplay was made some months before this redesign. The icon and wordmark was revealed in social media and email marketing in August 16, 2018; and one week later, it was officially released on the apps and advertising.



With the introduction of live streaming of pay TV Globo channels and bundles with Telecine, Premiere, Combate and, later, with Disney+ and Apple TV+; Globoplay updates its logo, being the second Globo asset featuring the new Globobrand typeface, as part of the "Uma Só Globo" ("Just one Globo") restructuring.

The logo was announced on August 31, 2020 and right after was started to be used in social media. But it was applied on the app in September 25.