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1997–2016 2016–2018 2018–2020 2020–present
1997–2016 2016–2018 2018–2020 2020–present




GoDaddy 2016.svg

On April 10, 2016, GoDaddy instated its first major overhaul since its inception in 1997. While the icon saw a minor refresh, the font has been changed and was implemented across all its services. In addition, a new tagline "Go You. GoDaddy" was also introduced.


GoDaddy 2018.svg

In 2018, the icon was dropped from the logo.


GoDaddy 2020.svg

On January 14, 2020, GoDaddy refreshed their brand, introducing a new heart icon made from the letters G and O and thinning out the wordmark.

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