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Gojek is a Southeast Asian technology-based service company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was launched in 2010 as a motorbike-based ride-hailing (Ojek in Indonesian) call-center service.

Gojek later launched a mobile app in 2015 and expanded its services to transport, delivery, lifestyle and financial technology. Since 2018, Gojek expanded to other countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.



The initial logomark was symbolizing a marriage of motorbike (which represents Ojek) and technology (symbolized by wifi icon atop a motorbike). The logomark was placed in between black capitalized GO and JEK text in a slightly-modified Neo Sans TR font.



Along with the launch of the service in Singapore and new app update, Gojek ditched its motorcycle icon which Gojek had identically associated with for 8 years, to a simply green-colored and capitalized Neo Sans TR wordmark in December 2018. The former logo had still used for promotional and corporate purposes in Indonesia until July 2019 and still can be seen on many properties, such as helmets and jackets.


Gojek logo 2019

On July 22, 2019, Gojek introduced an overhauled logo for the first time in nearly 9 years, since its last minor change in December 2018. It was made in-house.

The font was entirely changed to a slightly-modified variant of Maison Neue Extended, as well as the launch of the new icon called Solv, which symbolized Gojek's transformation from being a ride-hailing service to become a super app that provides a variety of smart ways to eliminate hassles.

The Solv icon might represent many elements that build up Gojek based on different views, such as a power button, search icon, map pin, top-down view of the driver, and even the front motorcycle wheel from the original logo.

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