2012 (primary), 2016-present (secondary) 2012–present
2012 (primary), 2016-present (secondary) 2012–present

WIN Gold

2012 (primary), 2016-present (secondary)

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When Gold was launched on 1 May 2012 on Freeview channel 84, it was known as WIN Gold. This logo is still in use as a watermark. Gold is available through WIN's stations RTQ Queensland, WIN Southern NSW/ACT, NRN Northern NSW, VTV Victoria, TVT Tasmania, MTN Griffith, STV Mildura, MGS Mount Gambier and LRS Riverland.



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WIN Gold was rebranded simply Gold on 5 May.

From 2013 to 2016, a five-hour timeshift of Gold was broadcast as Gold 2 on channel 82. Gold 2 was replaced by Nine's datacast channel Extra on 19 January 2016. With the March 2016 revival of WIN HD, WIN's channel listing was reshuffled resulting in Gold moving to channel 86. After WIN switched its affiliation from Nine to Ten on 1 July 2016 Gold moved again, this time to channel 85 (or 55 in Northern NSW).