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This service would be dominated by almost constant rebrands.

Radio Mercury


Mercury, Radio 1986.png
Mercury 1984.png

The station was an ILR (commercial radio) service which operated on AM & FM to the Reigate area of Surrey.

County Sound


COUNTY SOUND (1988).jpg

Radio Mercury & its neighbouring service 'County Sound Radio' merged. Mercury began broadcasting countywide on FM, whilst County Sound did likewise on AM.

Mercury Extra


MERCURY EXTRA (1995).jpg

County Sound was rebranded to 'Mercury Extra'. The 'Extra' was a mixed format of rolling news by day, and gold/easy listening music overnights.


Mercury Extra (1996).jpg

With the loss of the Guildford licence to UKRD, the service continued broadcasting solely to Reigate.

Fame 1521


FAME 1521 (1998 - Now CLASSIC GOLD)-0.jpg

The service dropped the rolling news part of the format, resulting in another name change.

Breeze 1521


BREEZE 1521 (1999).jpg

A change of owner (DMG Radio) would see the service rebranded to match their Essex AM service.

Classic Gold


Classic Gold - Surrey (2002).png

Another change of ownership saw another rebranding.



GOLD (2007).jpg

The service ceased broadcasting to Surrey in January 2011.

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