This page is for the former media company. For the TV channel, see ITV Granada. For the hospitality division, see Granada Hospitality.


1968–1990 1990–1997 1997–2001 2001–2004 2004-2013
1968–1990 1990–1997 1997–2001 2001–2004 2004-2013


Granada 1968.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Egizio Bold
Launched:  Unknown


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Bembo
Launched:  Unknown

With the new broadcasting act now in place, Granada began to takeover over regions. First of all, London Weekend Television in 1994.


Granada 1997.svg

Granada acquired Yorkshire Tyne Tees Television in 1997 forming the Granada Media Group arm. United News & Media's television sector was purchased in 2000, in the process acquiring Anglia, Meridian and some of HTV. The latter was sold to Carlton in exchange for Central's 20% share in Meridian due to competition regulations. On 27 July 2000, the company merged with the Compass Group. Granada Media became a subsidiary of Granada Compass plc.


Granada 2001.svg
Designer:  Rob Curtis (endboards)
Typography:  Custom (logo)
Frutiger (branding)
Launched:  2000 (logo)
2001 (endboards)

On 1 February 2001, Granada and Compass de-merged with Compass taking all of the food and hospitality business, including the assets belonging to Granada pre-merger. This left Granada solely as a television and media company, the first time since 1964 when their first motorway service station opened. The Granada name was retained on the service stations until 23 May 2001, when the 47 sites were rebranded as Moto. In August 2001, Border was acquired from the Capital Radio Group. Around the same time, Granada received a new logo and all productions began using a generic endboard design. Each Granada owned region shared the same endboard, adapted for its respective logo.

The As in the logo are designed to represent upward-pointing arrows, a reference to their previous logos.[1]


Granada logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Futura Bold

Modified "G"
Foundry Sans Demi (endboards)

Launched:  Unknown

Although Granada as a company ceased to exist in 2004, due to a merger with Carlton Communications, the newly created ITV plc continued to use the brand on several of its operations. All in house productions were credited to Granada until 2007 when productions became credited to ITV Productions. The Granada name continued in use for productions for other channels until 2009. International use of the name continued until 2013.

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