2006–2009 2009–2015 2015–2021 2021–2022 2022–present
2006–2009 2009–2015 2015–2021 2021–2022 2022–present

Grand Indonesia is a shopping mall in Central Jakarta, Indonesia owned by tobacco conglomerate Djarum. It is a part of the larger complex that includes the legendary Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta and Menara BCA, a building that also serves as a headquarter of BCA.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town


Grand Indonesia (2006).svg

The first variation of the gold logo was created and used as promotional material for the Grand Indonesia project in 2006. It was consisted of the silhouette of the Selamat Datang (Welcome) statue and serif-based wordmark.

In 2007, the mall began its soft-opening and started to be referred as Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. However, the final branding has not been used at the time. Therefore, the original variant remained in use until 2009.


Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (2009).svg

The logo of Grand Indonesia was slightly altered on 20 May 2009, coincided with the mall's grand opening. The wordmark was tightened and enlarged and the addition of Shopping Town tagline, which referred to a whole complex.

Grand Indonesia


Grand Indonesia.svg

In 2013, Grand Indonesia undertook a repositioning from a luxury shopping destination into a one-stop affordable lifestyle mall that caters to a wider family target market. The new logo and branding was launched on 22 May 2015, coinciding with the mall's 6th-anniversary event Sixphoria.


Grand Indonesia wordmark.svg

In 2021, Grand Indonesia removed the Selamat Datang statue logo following a copyright lawsuit by the heirs of Henk Ngantung, who drew the initial sketch of the statue.


Grand Indonesia (2022).svg

This alternate logo has been registered on late 2021 and since 3 January 2022, the logo has appeared on its social media pages. The logo was inspired from the aerial view of Bundaran HI.

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