Gravity Guy is an online and mobile endless-running arcade game developed and published by


Gravity Guy

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Gravity Guy icon

First released for iOS and Android on December 8, 2010. The last version released for iOS with this icon was version 1.4.3 released January 2012. This logo also appears on Android until May 2013.

2012-2018 (Windows 8); 2013-2018 (Windows Phone)

Gravity Guy WP8

First appeared on Windows 8 version in November 2012 and later appeared on Windows Phone version in May 2013. The Windows Phone version was released in September 2011.


Gravity Guy 2013

Starting an update (version 1.4.4) for supporting iPhone 5 on July 15, 2013, the icon was updated for the first time, and the silver outlines became lighter. This icon first appeared on Android version in May that year. The game was removed in late 2018.

Gravity Guy Free

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