Great Eastland Television was a network of affiliated country stations that serviced Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland from 19 October 1975 to 1987. The network was formed as a response to rising program costs incurred by regional stations in the 1970s.


Great Eastland Television 1975-1987.png

The stations involved in the network included DDQ-10/DDQ-5a Toowoomba/Darling Downs, SDQ-4 Warwick/Southern Downs, NRN-11 Coffs Harbour, RTN-8 Lismore, NEN-9 Tamworth/Upper Namoi, and ECN-8 Taree/Manning River. Each station would carry the Great Eastland Television brand. For example, DDQ/SDQ was branded Great Eastland Television 10-4-5a. The network would be dismantled by the mid-to-late eighties.