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2006–2010 (prelaunch) 2010–February 2018 February–April 2018 April 2018–2020 2020–present
2006–2010 (prelaunch) 2010–February 2018 February–April 2018 April 2018–2020 2020–present

Grupo ATV is the audiovisual media conglomerate that makes up ATV, Global Televisión and La Tele in conjunction with other channels with the ATV sub-brand, owned by Albavisión.

2006–2010 (prelaunch)

Grupo ATV 2006.svg

Thus, in 2006, the three broadcasters decided to group a pre-launch into a new conglomerate that they called the GrupoATV.

2010–February 2018

Grupo ATV 2010.svg

The first logo of the new conglomerate was a metallic gray ring within which there are three waves of red, blue and yellow (very similar to the Rede Record logo) and on the right side, the name "GRUPOATV" appears in Myriad typography Pro, which highlight the text "ATV" in bold.

February–April 2018

Grupo ATV 2018 1.svg

In February 2018, the logo is modified, removing the ring with colored waves and changing the "ATV" obstruction with the ATV logo of the 2016–2018 period.

April 2018–2020

Grupo ATV 2018 2.svg

On the day of the 35th anniversary of ATV, on 18 April 2018, a new logo will be seen, retaking the logo of the ring (which loses the metallic appearance) with colored waves, which are now flat and in 2D, the word "GRUPO" it turns black and in the Calibri typeface and the old ATV logo is replaced by the current ATV logo.


Grupo ATV 2020.svg

The most current conglomerate logo is the same, but now the logo is lined and the waves are changed in CYMK colors, with gradient format, the remaining letters of "GRUPO" are now lowercase, with the exception of the "G" and the ATV logo which has been maintained since 2018. This new logo is for the renewal of the ATV channel and the name change from América Next to Global Televisión.