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2000-2008 2008-present
2000-2008 2008-present

Grupo Radio Programas del Perú S.A., also known as Grupo RPP, is a multimedia conglomerate owned by Manuel Delgado Parker (1935-2019) and his family and heirs.


Grupo RPP 2000.svg

RPP started as a conglomerate after acquiring Studio 92, a radio station that was going through financial problems and was put up for sale until RPP decided to acquire it.

The new conglomerate started in 1998 after the acquisition of Studio 92, but was not officially launched until the new millennium (2000). The logo of that time was a four stelae (the first one looks like a "G" and the other three look like RPP letters) in black and underneath, the name "GRUPORPP" in Neuropolitical typeface in black and gray colors on each word.


Grupo RPP 2008.svg

At the end of 2008, the conglomerate of Manuel Delgado Parker decided to make a change of brand eight years after its inauguration.

This logo consists of the letters "GRUPO" in Mediator Semibold typeface with a round, orange "O" in the gap, above, three antenna waves and to the right, the letters "RPP" in Lucida Console typeface.

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