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1989–1990 1990–2000 2000–2002 2002–2011 2011–2018 2018–present
1989–1990 1990–2000 2000–2002 2002–2011 2011–2018 2018–present

Televisión Federal S.A., also known as Grupo Telefe or simply Telefe, is an Argentine company dedicated to the production of audiovisual content and the operation of air television licenses. The company, created in 1989, belongs to the US conglomerate ViacomCBS.


Grupo Telefe 1989.png

The first company logo was the Telefe logo used at that time, but adding the word "GRUPO".


Grupo Telefe 1990.png

With the adaptation of Telefe to the recognizable logo of the RGB balls, a gray ball with the word "GRUPO" is added to the logo.


Grupo Telefe 2000.png

In April 2000, under the logo, the name of the conglomerate appears.


Grupo Telefe 2002.png

Now the logo adopts the design used between 2002 and 2011.


Grupo Telefe 2011.png

In 2011, it changes to the design used between 2011 and 2018.


Grupo Telefe 2018.png

In 2018, the current design is adopted.

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