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1911–1916 1916–1923 1923–1926 1927–1928 1928–1938 1938–1942 1942–1948
1911–1916 1916–1923 1923–1926 1927–1928 1928–1938 1938–1942 1942–1948
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1949–1981 1981–1999 2000–2007 2007–2013 2011 2014–present

Guarani Futebol Clube (formerly Guarany Foot-Ball Club) is a Brazilian sports association, based in the city of Campinas, in the State of São Paulo. It has, as main modality, the soccer. It was founded on April 2, 1911, by some young people of Italian descent and a young man of German descent.

The name of the club is a tribute to the masterpiece of the composer Carlos Gomes, Il Guarany. It is popularly known as "Bugre"(native) due to its mascot. Send your football matches in your stadium, the Golden Earring, whose capacity is for 29 130 spectators. His biggest rival is Ponte Preta, the match between the two teams is known as Dérbi Campineiro. This rivalry is considered as the greatest among clubs in the interior of Brazil.


Guarani FC 1911.png


Escudo Guarani 1916.png

The first shield in shirts of the Guarani was used in 1916.



In 1923, at the inauguration of the first stadium of the Guarani, a new shield was presented.


Escudo Guarani 1927 - 1928.png

Between 1927 and 1928, the first circular shield appears.


Escudo Guarani 1929 - 1938.png


Escudo Guarani 1938 - 1942.png


Escudo Guarani 1942 - 1948.png


Escudo Guarani 1949 - 1981.png


Escudo Guarani 1981 - 2000.png


Escudo Guarani 2001 - 2007.png


Guarani logo 2007 - 2013.png


100px-Guarani centenario.png

As of 2011, the Guarani began to act in shirts allusive to its centenary, with the shield made especially for this historical landmark. The "GFC" of the shield receives a golden tone, the smaller circle receives a golden fillet, and, the larger circle, changes from white to gold. Below the shield, it receives a golden strip, where it appears the inscription "100 years", in white with green fillet.


Guarani FC (E) - SP.svg.png

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