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1972–1975 1975–1981 1980–present
1972–1975 1975–1981 1980–present


HBO 1972 print.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Westinghouse Regular

For the first four years of its existence, HBO identified itself with a still image of its original logo, a ticket stub, and the channel's full name Home Box Office, surrounded by a minimalist marquee light design.


HBO 1975.svg
Designer:  Betty Brugger
Typography:  ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold

HBO's iconic logo has looked essentially the same since 1975, utilizing a simple wordmark with a circle inside the "O" in "HBO", representing a camera lens. The early logo differs, however, in that it had the "O" overlapping the "B". In network IDs, the logo was often accompanied by three lines colored red, yellow, and blue, below or next to it. This logo and the next one were both designed by Betty Brugger, the art director for Time-Life at that time. From 1980-1981, HBO used this logo in tandem with the next logo. It can still be found on some old motel signs.


Designer:  Betty Brugger
Typography:  ITC Avant Garde Bold

In 1980, the 1975 logo was revised, with the "O" in the letter mark moved off of to the right of the "B", but still contacting the latter at two points. As a result, the previous logo and its tri-colored lines were gradually phased out in 1981. A major reason for this change was that the partially obscured "B" of the previous logo gave many the impression it was an "E". Also, the letters in the logo were trimmed to be slightly less bold, and the spaces between letters and around the circle in the center of the "O" were widened.

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