This article is about the upcoming streaming service of WarnerMedia. For the suite of premium TV channels in Latin America, see HBO Max (Latin America).
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HBO Max Hbo-max color 2019
2019 (pre-launch) 2020 (upcoming)

2019 (pre-launch)


On July 9, 2019, WarnerMedia unveiled HBO Max as the name of its new streaming service. Anchored with and inspired by the legacy of HBO’s excellence and award-winning storytelling, the new service will be “Maximized” with an extensive collection of exclusive original programming (Max Originals) and the best-of-the-best from WarnerMedia’s enormous portfolio of beloved brands and libraries.[1]

2020 (upcoming)

Hbo-max color 2019

This logo first debuted on their official Twitter account with their stacked logo and then it debuted their vertical logo on the poster for Grease: Rydell High and Adventure Time: Distant Lands.


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