1999–2003 2003–2010 2010–2020 2020–present
1999–2003 2003–2010 2010–2020 2020–present

HBO Pack is the brand used for the premium channels of Warner Bros. Discovery Latin America launched in 1999, using the current name since 2020. It's currently bundled with Max, acting as an add-on.

HBO Digiplex[]


HBO Digiplex

In 1999 HBO Latin America launched an dedicated brand for its premiums channels under the name HBO Digiplex, serving as the counterpart of the American "HBO The Works".

The initial lineup consisted on HBO Olé (East and West), HBO Plus, and Cinemax (East and West).

HBO Max Digital[]


HBO Max Digital

Alongside the launch of HBO Family and Max Prime as new TV premium services, HBO Digiplex is renamed HBO Max Digital.

HBO Max[]


Log hbomax home1

With the renewal of the HBO Max Digital package (namely, Cinemax passed to the basic TV system and the launch of Max in it place) in mid-2010, the logo is simplified using only the HBO and Max logos, dropping any other element present such the two arcs and the DIGITAL word, thus the system is renamed HBO Max. Furthermore now it is colored entirely black.

HBO Pack[]


HBO Pack

Due to the renaming of the Max-branded family channel to the main HBO brand in preparation for then-arrival of HBO Max in Latin America, the package was renamed HBO Pack on February 1, 2020.

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