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Selecciones en Español de HBO y Cinemax launched on January 2, 1989, as a Spanish-language audio feed of HBO and Cinemax transmitted through, depending on the cable system affiliate, either an auxiliary second audio program channel (accessible through built-in and external multichannel audio decoders) or audio simulcasts via FM radio.

HBO en Español


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On September 27, 1993, Selecciones en Español de HBO y Cinemax was replaced by two dedicated channel feeds, HBO en Español and Cinemax en Español; both services effectively acted as part-time simulcast feeds with added first-run Spanish-language movies (mostly from Mexico, Argentina and Spain), and Spanish dubs of HBO's non-sports-event original programming. HBO en Español shut down in late 1999, in preparation for the launch of HBO Latino.

HBO en Español
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