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1997–2001 2001–2004 2004–2009 2009–2020 (idents) 2009–2011 2011–2020 2020–present

UK Style[]


UK Style 1997

UK Style was launched in November 1997, along with UK Horizons, UK Arena and the rebranded UK Gold.


UK Style 2001

All UKTV channels got a new look, also commissioned from Lambie-Nairn, in early 2001. The new look for UK Style was launched on May 8, 2001.

"The central image is of a 'palette' of ideas, represented on screen by the split-screen device and off screen by a simple four-part arrangement of colours or colour photography." - Lambie Nairn

UKTV Style[]


UKTV Style (2004-2009, purple)
Designer:  Dunning Eley Jones
Typography:  Home Book UKTV
Launched:  March 8, 2004

The channel was renamed UKTV Style alongside its sister channels.



2009–2020 (idents)[]

Home (2009) (Wordmark)


Home logo 2009

UKTV Style was renamed Home on April 30, 2009 as part of a major rebranding of UKTV's channels, where every channel would get a distinct name. The new look was created by Red Bee Media.

"The creative concept is crafted around various living spaces, representative of the diverse audiences of the channel and their different life-stages. The four idents were developed using different types of homes; a family home, an urban flat, a flat-share and an empty-nesters’ home. Each ident focuses on a number of items in the featured home, and reveals that each item has history and its own story. As the viewer is taken on a tour of each home, the objects appear and hand-written annotations reveal the “home truths” of the object’s past and its relationship with the homeowner." - Red Bee Media press release


Home red

In February 2011, the Home logo colour was changed from blue to red. 



HGTV 2010

On 11 June 2019, Discovery, Inc. acquired the BBC's stake of the former joint-venture UKTV's lifestyle channels, Home was rebranded as a UK version of HGTV on 21 January 2020.