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Henson International Television HIT logo 1989 HIT original HiT Entertainment Plc 1996 Print logo HiT Entertainment Plc Logo (2000)-0 HiT Entertainment Logo (2000) HiT Entertainment (2006)
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Henson International Television


Henson International Television

Founded in 1982, this logo was first used in The Muppet Show in 1983. The name would be stylized as "hit!".

HIT Communications plc


HIT logo 1989

HIT Entertainment plc


InShot 20190714 094408341

This logo seems to be a prototype of the next logo but has only been used for a year. It was only known to be released on international prints of Season 1 Reboot as HIT was the distributor.


HIT original


HiT Entertainment Plc 1996 Print logo


HiT Entertainment Plc Logo (2000)-0

HIT Entertainment switched to its 2D variation in 2000. This logo remained on some Thomas and Friends DVD's from Anchor Bay, until they were expired in 2006.

HIT Entertainment


HiT Entertainment Logo (2000)-0

This logo debuted with HIT Consumer Products, which was a short-lived logo. In late 2000, the "PLC" was dropped from the logo and the company was renamed "HIT Entertainment".

HiT Entertainment


HiT Entertainment (2006)

In December 2006, HiT Entertainment modified its logo to a "cube" variation of the main logo. The logo would now have the letters H and T in white, the I in blue being surrounded by red, yellow and blue squares which have round edges. The name was also now written as 'HiT Entertainment'. The logo didn't appear on DVD releases until January 2007. As of 2016, Mattel merged HiT Entertainment with Mattel's television arm, Mattel Television. This logo, along with the 2000–2008 logo is currently seen on Season's 7–12 reruns of Barney & Friends on Sprout (now Universal Kids), despite the show now being distributed by 9 Story Media Group.

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