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Designer:  Television by Design
Typography:  Yagi Double

HLN was first launched as CNN2 in 1982.

CNN Headline News (first era)


CNN Headline News-1982.svg

Headline News


Headline News 1983.svg
Designer:  NYIT Computer Graphics Lab
Typography:  ITC Lubalin Graph Std Demi Oblique

In January 1983, CNN2 was renamed Headline News.


Headline News 1989.svg
Designer:  John Christopher Burns
Typography:  ITC Kabel Std Medium
Helvetica Ultra Compressed

The channel would later incorporate a die-cut "HN" block design within the original variant of this logo when it was introduced in 1989, before it was fully supplanted by the wordmark that accompanied it in 1992, which was later italicized.


Headline News 1992.svg
Designer:  John Christopher Burns
Typography:  ITC Kabel Std Medium
Helvetica Ultra Compressed

In 1992, the logo was italicized. The same year, Headline News introduced a ticker that appeared at the lower third of the screen – except during commercial breaks, which initially showed stock market data with indexes of the major stock exchanges (including the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ and the S&P 500) and quotes for major companies during trading hours, which were updated on a 15-minute delay. Also, the channel added the "Headline News SportsTicker", which showed sports scores and schedules for the day's upcoming games, creating the first continuous news ticker on television. The redesign resulted in video of the rolling newscasts becoming pillarboxed with blue bars on the left and right wings of the screen (matching the ticker's original coloring), before it returned to a full-screen format, with the ticker becoming a translucent black background overlaid on the lower third of the video, as part of a 1994 update to the channel's graphics package that also added weather forecasts for select major U.S. cities to the ticker; the ticker itself would add the Headline News logo, which was originally a separate bug. With this change, the logo itself would no longer be seen in the copyright info at each newscast's close.

CNN Headline News (second era)


CNN Headline News 1997.svg
Designer:  John Christopher Burns
Typography:  ITC Kabel Std Medium
Helvetica Ultra Compressed

The channel included the "CNN" branding in its name intermittently for most of its history, before being incorporated on a regular basis from 1997 to 2007 (though an alternate logo without the CNN logo was used for news broadcasts through 2001).


CNN Headline News 2001.svg

On August 6, 2001, CNN Headline News unveiled a revamp of the network's on-air format, promoted with a new slogan "Real news, real fast". The centerpiece of the new format was the replacement of the network's ticker with a large pane across the bottom of the screen, which displayed headlines and other information (such as weather updates and sports news). The network also introduced another new studio and multi-anchor format, and announced plans to add more live rolling news coverage. The network characterized the new design and format as being an attempt to appeal to younger viewers, citing inspiration from the internet; the Chicago Tribune noted that the channel's viewership had been dropping, and skewing towards viewers over 50, which are not desirable to most advertisers. The new logo also coincided with America Online's purchase of the channel's parent company Time Warner.



HLN 2008.svg

On December 15, 2008, a new square logo with a triangular appendage (making it resemble a speech bubble) overlaid by an "HLN" acronym was introduced, initially alongside the channel's full name. Two days later, the "Headline News" name was removed from on-air use with the HLN acronym becoming the channel's name full-time, and a new slogan, "News and Views", was introduced.


HLN 2015.svg

A new logo was introduced in late 2014, and was slowly phased into use as part of an upcoming social media-focused relaunch of the channel. The relaunch took place on January 13, 2015, when HLN underwent a major revamp in its programming and on-air presentation.


HLN 2017.svg

On May 8, 2017, HLN underwent a rebranding, adopting a new logo and slogan, "News that hits home". The network will position its news content towards regional headlines, crime, and entertainment stories — leaving CNN to focus upon "in-depth" political coverage and world affairs. In January 2018, HLN began to reintroduce the Headline News brand during its news programming (although HLN remains the network's primary name), and also introduced Headline Now—a recap of top stories airing every half-hour during its daytime lineup.

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