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Designer:  Henry Steiner
Typography:  Times New Roman

The HSBC logo comprises of a hexagonal figure; inspired by the bank's house flag, it incorporates a white rectangle broke up diagonally to create a red hourglass symbol. Like many other Hong Kong company flags that originated in the 19th century, and due to its founder's nationality, the design was based on Saint Andrew's Cross. The logo was designed by Austrian graphic artist Henry Steiner.

Although the hexagon symbol was originally adopted by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation as its logo in 1983, the group announced in November 1998 that the HSBC brand and the hexagon symbol would be adopted as the unified brand in all the markets where HSBC operates, with the aim of "enhancing recognition of the group and its values by customers, shareholders and staff throughout the world".


HSBC 2018.svg
Designer:  Henry Steiner
Typography:  Similar to Roboto

In 2018, HSBC made minor changes to their logo. The wordmark was repositioned from left to the right, resized to be smaller, and was switched from serif to sans-serif. As for the hexagon logo, it became enlarged.

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