Hadashot 13 is the news broadcast of Reshet 13, a commercial TV channel in Israel. It was originally known as Hadashot 10 when it aired on Channel 10 (which became Arutz Eser in November 2017).

Eser merged with Reshet 13 in January 2019 and ceased broadcasting. Reshet 13, which had used HaHadashot 12 (the newscast of Keshet 12) until then, adopted Eser’s newscast and renamed it to Hadashot 13.

Hadashot 10



Hadashot eser 2003





Hadashot Eser



With the rebrand of Channel 10 to Eser (Hebrew for ten) on 1 November 2017, the news division adopted the Eser logo. Competitors Keshet 12 and Reshet 13 were launched on the same day. A new graphics package was introduced for the news broadcast, now renamed as Hadashot Eser.

Eser Hadashot (Channel 10) Evening News Main Theme (2017)

Eser Hadashot (Channel 10) Evening News Main Theme (2017)

HaHadashot 13



On 15 January 2019, Reshet 13 merged with Eser and the latter brand ceased to exist. Reshet 13 stopped sharing the HaHadashot 12 newscast from Keshet 12, and adopted Eser’s newscast, renaming it to HaHadashot 13 (The 13 News).

Hadashot 13


Hadashot 13 2020

There was a minor name and logo change in 2020 as the prefix Ha (Hebrew for ‘the’) was removed. A new graphics package was also introduced for Hadashot 13 by Reshet 13, replacing the erstwhile Eser’s news graphics from 2017.

Hadashot 13 Intro 2020

Hadashot 13 Intro 2020

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