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Hanna Barbera logo (early).svg

After MGM closed its cartoon studio, animation directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera founded their own animation studio on July 7, 1957. The first logo showed the initials of the company HB enclosed in two squares.
It was only used in The Ruff and Reddy Show.



The logo was refreshed in 1958, modifying the design of the initials and changing the colors of the squares from Maroon/Blue to Purple/Orange. You can also notice that a small shadow was added in between the boxes.


Hanna-Barbera 1959.png
Logopedia Info.svg

In 1959, Hanna-Barbera opted for just using the full the name of the company on-screen.


Hanna-Barbera 1961.png
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Hanna Barbera logo 1966.svg


Hanna-Barbera 1967.png


Hanna-Barbera 1973.png


Hanna Barbera logo 1974.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Also known as:  Rainbow HB

This logo received two new versions long after its original usage:


Hanna-Barbera 1977 (Red).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Bauhaus


Hanna-Barbera (1979).svg
Designer:  Saul Bass (for Taft Entertainment Pictures)
Typography:  Belwe Medium
Also known as:  The swirling star

This logo known as "Swirling Star" was designed by Art Scott and it was introduced in 1979. An updated CG version debuted in 1986 and it was used until 2002, last appearing in The Powerpuff Girls until its 4th season (despite having already been absorbed into Cartoon Network Studios at the time).


Hanna-Barbera 1988 Prototype.svg


Hanna-Barbera 1988 Red.svg
Designer:  Iraj Paran
Typography:  Custom wordmark

This was their well-known wordmark. During this logo’s period Hanna-Barbera was purchased by Turner Broadcasting System in 1991. (Turner was later acquired by Time Warner in 1996.) This logo is used from 1988 until 2001.


Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Billabong

After Time Warner was being purchased by America Online following the death of William Hanna in 2001, Hanna-Barbera was absorbed into Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation. A new script logo, based on the 1961 logo (see above), is currently being used to promote H-B shows and characters and it would also be used on merchandise.

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